Songs of Autumn


SONGS OF AUTUMN [is] an eight-piece work that leads us through one of the best debuts that can start this year.
Cristóbal Torres,
Un ascolto che consigliamo a tutti i fan del power metal nordeuropeo, un piacevole viaggio in un mondo sospeso tra dolci melodie e virtuosismi veloci come le aeronavi che solcano i cieli dell’immaginazione, alla ricerca di un porto sicuro per attraccare.
Luca Montini,
For a debut I think the Italians have done well […] I have faith that they will grow with their coming works.
Alessandro Power,
Un disco bastante técnico, armonioso y melódico, […] podemos apreciar todo el potencial de que esta banda puede llegar a proyectar, sin duda alguna un álbum recomendado, con una linda atmósfera tranquila y relajante


1. Icarus Rising

Music by Francesco Bertolaccini


2. Reckless Angel

Music & Lyrics by Francesco Bertolaccini

One single man's desire
An entire mankind's dream
To fly over the skies
Above the hills and seas

No matter what you think
No matter what you plan
You're gonna drown and sink
You're gonna burn like hell

And in the end,
What's this all about?
To escape from the world,
To be far from the crowd?

No, it's too late
For this to happen
This mortal coil
It's a burden of men!

Fly away
Reckless angel
Icarus' fate
Mankind's dream

Fly away
Close your eyes
You're not that far
If you don't look down

And then one mortal day
You look back and see
What you've made of your life
What became of your deeds

All that you might have built
All that you might have planned
All that you thought was real
A step away from Sun

And now it's all gone
No phoenix from ashes
Sail back to your world
While your ship crashes!

Father don't cry
You gave me the wings
I chose my own death
My desires are fulfilled

Now I will rest
In the depth of the ocean
Now I fear no pain
Now I'm really free!

3. Long Lost Rhyme

Music & Lyrics by Alessandro Petri

I remember those darkest times
And those brightest dawns with you
The Memory of the two of us,
Fades away in the stormy night.

How can this be over? Your memory lives on,
it won't fade away
The shadow of my rhymes will borrow your grace
A ship in the dark of the dying day

Don't you cry, don't deny,
Hold those moments stuck in time,
A moonlight sight and two souls were entwined,
Heed the cry of my long-lost rhyme

The darkness shone down on me
Trapped inside the cage of reality
Drown, at the shipwreck of my life
Without you by my side

The ocean beneath us,
The rise of the tide, you're slipping away
Our souls now divided, an eternal phrase
Lost in the dark of the dying day

4. Till I'm Gone

Music & Lyrics by Francesco Bertolaccini

The wheel of life will turn
In the sky once again
Waiting for the time to come
Wandering souls
Searching for a path to walk

The silver wheel still shines
Bright in the starlit nigth
Inspiring in our hearts new hope
Wandering souls
Searching for a way to go

Northern lights up in sky
We'll find peace tonight
Sunrise lies ahead
To the horizon we gaze
We'll get out of this maze
I will run like a fool
'Till I'm gone

Rising is the dawn
Of a day that springs anew
A new chapter of our brittle lives
Wandering souls
Our lives will have a sense again

Another chance to win
Another chance to lose
Another chance to live once more
Wandering souls
What matters is our will to live

Don't try to understand this eternal wheel
It is neverending
All you can do is embrace it
And let its wind bring you far away

5. In My Dreams

Music & Lyrics by Francesco Bertolaccini

Alone in a corner of my lonely soul
Is it hope, or is it just illusion?
I wait in vain for a glimpse of your smile
I wait, I wait but never tell

Once upon a time, I was happy and blind
Content of my life as a hermit
Once I was struck, made my world fall apart
Made me see what I've always left behind

How can I forget, how can I unsee
What I've learnt and what I've seen?
Can I turn back time, can I return blind
Will you always be in my dreams?

Will I stay in the shadows as I always do
Will I let my fear of failing keep me away from you

6. Fade Away

Music by Daniele Davalle & Alessandro Petri
Lyrics by Daniele Davalle

The dawn of a new day,
but it's always the same
Entrapped in a worn dream,
slowly torn to a nightmare

An empty soul, in an empty house,
once a home, once our life
Just another sunny day
with uncomfortable colours

Where are you now? You went away
Remember you said: "Never apart"
Now I walk with no more tears to cry

Fade away, just fade away
All the dreams we had one day
Fade away, they'll fade away
Under the pouring rain

A flower withered within,
giving in to the wind
The bittersweet memory
of its splendour in the sunlight

The eyes were filled with joy and hope
Burning strong burning bright
A dizzying emptiness left
by the change of the season

Where are you now? You went away
Remember you said: "Never apart"
Now I walk with no more tears to cry

Can you see the rain is falling?
Can you hear the tears are dripping?
Can you see the leaves are falling?
Can you feel the heart is bleeding?

7. Sands of Time

Music & Lyrics by Francesco Bertolaccini

Destiny's still moving faster
Directs you where to go
Where are you gonna end up stranded?
You don't know
You feel you need to take a break
To recap what you've done
But time won't engage reverse gear
You've been warned

Seven hundred seven days
Or more, you can't recall
Have been washed away in vain
They are forlorn
It's sad they'll haunt you until the end
They're gone forevermore
There is no way to take 'em back
They are no more

Time's running out and you're wondering
Who will save you
"Who will save me?
My hair's growing gray
People fading away
With time"

Sands of time flowing
The hourglass is filling
The clocks have been ticking
For way too long
Tell me my friend
Is there a way to amend
All the sins I have made
Before it's too late?

Once I was standing tall on the tower of life
Wind in my hair, sun on my face
Now all I see is the past behind me
Wasted time taunts me until the end of my days

Maybe my time here is up now, I'm done
They said time it catches up with you at last
Everything we do, everything we have
Is it really just for time to be turned into ash?

8. Havenlights

Music & Lyrics by Francesco Bertolaccini

[Act 1: Departure]
Say your goodbyes
We're leaving tonight
Last chance to see
The golden sunrise
All board the starship
Hatches go down

Sails are set
Engines are running
We're sailing away
To new horizons, new skies
Now sit down, hang on tight

[Act 2: The voyage]
The vastness of space we've just left behind
A coldness you feel deep inside
Wandering through black voids and bright starlit nights
I promise, one day we'll be there

Across barren lands, desert's all's in sight
I will keep on searching, desperate measures for desperate times
I just know, I feel, it's out there somewhere
And it's waiting for us to be found
A port in the stars, I'll step on new ground
We will make our dreams true right there

Through the stars we ride
Hundred thousand miles to find
A haven, a light
Our home in the sky, together

I will find the way
Never lose your hope, your faith
Destination is near, there's no reason to fear
We'll live to see the haven lights

Six months have passed but the end is still far
We still haven’t found our star
How long will it be until our voyage is over?
How long till we’re back on dry land?

Brace yourselves, my friends: a storm is getting near
We need all hands on deck, this is not the time for fear
The hull’s been breached, we’re shutting the bulkheads
Prepare for the coming impact
But hope’s not lost, we’ll make it again
The voyage will not end today

[Act 3: Sacrifice]
The path is long and risky
Brave people lost to the eternal skies

Ride on
Far away
There's no time for looking back

Ride on
Don't lose your way
There's no way to bring em back

We always knew it would not
Be an easy, quick or painless ride
And they knew it too

[Act 4: Remembrance]
Now we've come so far
We've lost, and we've gained so much

The road was long and windy
It is worth it, I used to say
The hope was bright and it was blinding
I never questioned it, anyway

Remember: seize the day
Don't let the memories fade away
We've travelled so fast and so far
Deep wounds will always leave a scar

Far away
Deep in the stars

The souls we've left behind
Watch over the ones we're still to find
The ones who sacrificed themselves
Helped us: we've made it in the end


Vocals: Linda Raffaetà

Bass, orchestral arrangements: Francesco Bertolaccini

Guitars: Daniele Davalle

Keyboards: Alessandro Petri

Mixing & mastering engineer: Pierlorenzo Tessa

Production: Havenlights

Cover art: Panji "panjoool" Andrian

Band photos: Filippo Feliziani