Linda Raffaetà

Portrait of Linda Raffaetà
Instrument: Vocals
Birthday: March 27th
From Camaiore, Tuscany
Living in Tuscany
When did you start playing? When I was 8 years old, a friend asked me to sing for an amateur association. After I turned 12 I began taking singing lessons.
Favourite singer: Mina
Favourite album: Piccolino – Mina
First concert attended: Pearl Jam 2017 in Milan
Favourite Havenlights song: In My Dreams, Havenlights
Favourite movie: The Labyrinth
Favourite food / drink: Pizza, Ice cream, Caipiroska
Day job: Student
Hobbies: Trekking, roller skating
A last wise sentence/motto: It's never too late to be what you wanted to be.