Review by powermetal00

Un disco bastante técnico, armonioso y melódico, […] podemos apreciar todo el potencial de que esta banda puede llegar a proyectar, sin duda alguna un álbum recomendado, con una linda atmósfera tranquila y relajante
— powermetal00
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Review by Alessandro Power on TheDarkMelody.com

For a debut I think the Italians have done well […] I have faith that they will grow with their coming works.
— Alessandro Power, TheDarkMelody.com
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Recensione di Luca Montini su TrueMetal.it

Un ascolto che consigliamo a tutti i fan del power metal nordeuropeo, un piacevole viaggio in un mondo sospeso tra dolci melodie e virtuosismi veloci come le aeronavi che solcano i cieli dell’immaginazione, alla ricerca di un porto sicuro per attraccare.
— Luca Montini, TrueMetal.it
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Review by Cristóbal Torres of Metal-Rules.com

SONGS OF AUTUMN [is] an eight-piece work that leads us through one of the best debuts that can start this year.
— Cristóbal Torres, Metal-Rules.com
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Interview with Cristóbal Torres of Metal-Rules.com

Havenlights is one of those bands that has proven to be above the circumstances. After a year of recording remotely and separately, they have finally finished their debut album: Songs of Autumn, a totally independent work that will be released in February and shows once again the enormous talent that exists in the underground scene. Francesco Bertolaccini and Alessandro Petri tell us about an album that every fan of power metal should not ignore.

Francesco and Alessandro discuss recording and producing an album independently on Metal-Rules.com: read the full interview here.

Fade Away

Fade Away, first extract from the upcoming debut album, is out now:

Songs of Autumn release in February

The release date of the upcoming debut album Songs of Autumn has been officially announced: February the 1st 2021!

Songs of Autumn announced

Debut album Songs of Autumn coming out this winter!
Check out the tracklist here!

Songs of Autumn cover art